23 March 2012


TMI_KERRA_31410BQ_Installation_AK_03 BQ_Installation_AK_01 TMI_KERRA_31407 BQ_Installation_AK_02  TMI_KERRA_31411
installation views: Andrew Kerr, „Haul In, Cousin“, BQ, Berlin; images from top, works by Andrew Kerr: The Present V, 2012; Rack RACK, 2011/12; Untitled, 2009; Courtesy BQ, Berlin; The Modern Institute, Glasgow
Photo: Roman Maerz, Berlin   

A labyrinth of wooden panels, sunlight shining through the gallery's large windows, grey brick stones, the smell of fresh acrylic and right at the end of each corridor several DIN-A4-sized abstract paintings. 'Haul In, Cousin' at BQ gallery in Berlin is an inviting and warm-coloured exhibition with paintings (mostly on paper) and a site-specific installation by Andrew Kerr. Forms, geometric and soft brushstrokes, earth and flesh colours, viscerality paired with the smell of fresh pink roses - Kerr overpaints former figuration, creating an ambiguous perceptibility, questioning form and definition. A bird, an arm, a landscape seem to evolve out of the background, but at a closer look the shapes dissolve into pure abstraction. There is no quick determination, neither a sudden understanding of Kerr's use of material. Canvas and wood, paper and frames serve as a base for the artist's seemingly thought through expressionism. A technique that hauls the viewer from room to room, from one work to the next, getting lost between space and surface. 

Andrew Kerr - 'Haul In, Cousin'
until 14th of April 2012

Weydingerstraße 10
10178 Berlin-Mitte
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