20 September 2012


Lluis Artus 2_ Barcelona Adriana Korkos2_Tai-Po_Hong Kong Inga Altenkirch_Subjekt Objekt_Berlin Santiago Villanueva_Alicia Winters Gallery_Arnheim NL Leszek Skurski_Red Corridor Gallery_Fulda Michael Luther_Berlin 2012-09-14 17.29.47
From the top: Lluis Artus; Adriana Korkos; Inga Altenkirch; Santiago Villanueva; Leszek Skurski; Michael Luther; Berliner Liste Lounge area; images by artfridge

During the recent art week in Berlin I made a stop at Köpenicker Straße, checking out Berliner Liste. As Berlin’s oldest and biggest art fair, Berliner Liste is already an established part of the city’s art world and showed the largest amount of national and international galleries during last week. I was mostly captivated by the colossal location, which is housed in what was formerly the main central-heating power station for East Berlin. It combines a huge rusty space with an aesthetic arrangement of booths, bars and food areas that were enlightened by beautiful chandeliers lying on the ground, while light flooded panels of blue fabric were running next to the gallery spaces. 
Although Michael Luther’s large scale oil painting “Colourado” had been chosen to adorn the entrance hall of the exhibition as one of the officially promoted pieces of the fair, I was more convinced by his smaller and subtle paintings. A great appearance was made by subject object gallery (Berlin), not only because of their unconventional hangings but also due to the great figurative paintings by Inga Altenkirch and Uliane Borchert. While Leszek Skurski from Red Corridor Gallery (Fulda) made a lasting impression with the luminous vastness of his snow-white scenarios, a more minimalist and also rare approach was made by the sculptures of Santiago Villanueva from Alicia Winters Gallery (Arnheim). In addition to the other art fairs there seems to be a definite trend towards a more figurative and representational art, whereas video art and abstract sculptures appeared to be an absolute minority. 

-> berliner-liste.org

Uliane Borchert_Subject Object_Berlin Klaus Fritze_Heidrun Quinque_Wessels_Berlin Jürgen Schubbe_Paderborn Juan Perdiguero_3 Punts Galerie_Berlin Heike Huismann_Achtzig Galerie_Berlin Claude Roegiers_Joinville le point_France Beatriz Morales_Berlin 2012-09-14 18.29.08 2012-09-14 17.44.13
From the top: Uliane Borchert, Klaus Fritze, Jürgen Schubbe, Juan Perdiguero, Heike Huismann, Claude Roegiers, Beatriz Morales; 2x installation views Berliner Liste images by artfridge
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