25 March 2011


It’s Monday the 14th of March - one day before the big opening of "Oppenheimer's Garden' at Thomas William's Gallery at Old Bond Street in London. We are walking up the stairs to the first floor where Norwegian artist and playwright Lars Elling gives us a warm welcome and introduces us to the new gallery space and his amazing, large-scale paintings. It’s his first solo-show in London. Before we start recording, Lars checks his mobile phone – his second child could be born any minute. He seems remarkably balanced and open-minded; mentions American collectors, Moby Dick and Velazquez. He is an incredibly well read and pensive family guy, who loves secrets, jazz and books – and who tries to avoid clichés by all means, yet they keep on hunting him. You will find more photos and the interview by clicking on the headline, or one of the photos below.

Lars Elling_interview_artfridge Lars Elling 22