10 April 2011


Have you ever thought about reliving history and rewriting a whole bible as they did in the old days when printing and copying was a hard-to-grasp fantasy? Well, I know someone who actually makes a living out of it: With his project "Authorized" Daniel Rapley (*1979), a british artist who currently finishes his MA in Fine Arts at Chelsea College (UAL) in London, literally writes down the King James Version of the Bible by hand. So far he completed nearly 500,000 neatly written words of the Genesis on handwritten A4 sheets of ruled paper. The interesting aspect is not only that his handcraft becomes persistence and somehow questions the whole thing in itself, but also that once the project is displayed no one will be able to feel, or retrace what patience and neatness he had to keep up with. 
See also: danielrapley.co.uk