18 September 2019


Nilbar Güreş Die Schublade, 2019 © THE ARTIST Nilbar Güreş "Die Schublade", 2019 © The Artist
all photos by Reha Arcan © Galerist

Together with the opening of the 16th Istanbul Biennial and the Arter’s new contemporary art museum building, Istanbul becomes a pool of surprising encounters from the month of September. Located right next to one of the biennial venues, Galerist is currently hosting a solo exhibition with Vienna-based artist Nilbar Güreş, while using its location to create a blissful gap to think and fluid the terms, concepts and ideas that are commonly presented in the biennial and its side events. I have talked to the exhibition’s curator Kevser Güler and the artist Nilbar Güreş about the urgency of this collaboration, the depth of Güreş’s recent works and the need of the discussions around transfeminism that shines through her practice. “Although the sky gets dark time and again, Magnet and the Moon calls us to remember the horizon of pleasure,” says curator Güler about Güreş’s show –– and we enter the horizon willingly more than ever.