25 September 2013


CHRISTINA CHIRULESCU o.T, Öl, Sprühlack auf Lw, 100x70cm,2013 CHRISTINA CHIRULESCU o.T, Öl, Buntstift auf Lw, 70x50cm, 2013 CHRISTINA CHIRULESCU o.T, Öl, Tusche auf Lw, 40x30cm, 2013 CHRISTINA CHIRULESCU o.T, Öl, Acryl auf Lw, 60x40cm, 2013
all images: works by Christina Chirulescu, courtesy Christina Chirulescu and Tanja Pol Galerie, München.

During a working period in Nuremberg at the "Auf AEG" studio areal I met Christina Chirulescu – a young painter, who grew up in Rumania and moved to Germany in the age of 18. Chirulescu's paintings are minimalist, often kept in cool coloured tones and only rarely incorporate definite elements. While they suggest a distance, they similarly fascinate. After our work for the current AEG Werkschau "So Nah. So Fern(until the 12th of October), which also includes two of her works, I asked Chirulescu some questions about her artistic practice.

Anna: Your work is often kept in monochrome colours with only slight abstract elements. Would you call your work minimalist?
Christina: No, one could think of my work as being connected to minimalism, but for me it's not only about the reduction to the essential. My approach is not strictly conceptual. There are geometric elements, as well as there are figurative aspects. I am interested in this balancing act between abstract and narrative – the option to oscillate between formal and contextual meaning.

Anna: Is your approach focussed on awareness or on experiment?
Christina: Both aspects are important to me. I try to level coincidence and control, conscious and unconscious decisions. Sometimes I have a precise idea, which often turns out to be redundant during the process of painting. In that sense, the work becomes independent. Traces of colours, dirt on the canvas or from my studio's floor can be a starting point, but ideally, I should be surprised by the work or even alienated.

Anna: How long time do you usually spend on a painting?
Christina: It differs with each work. Most paintings consist of several layers of colour and this process can take a long time: Applying colour, overpaint, wiping away, sometimes grinding, overpaint again. But even if they have several layers it's important to me that the paintings appear light and transparent, clear and simple.

Anna: Where do you get your inspiration from?
Christina: From everywhere. The colour of concrete, a photograph, a drawing, a shadow, a mint-green paper, frescos, a smashed window, the colour of a cat's tongue...

Anna: Do you listen to music while you work?
Christina: Hardly. I don't really need music while I am working. In fact I often find it disturbing.

Anna: If you think about contemporary art, what makes art contemporary to you?
Christina: If t is good, new and interesting, but I am not really asking myself this question. When I think of interesting art I don't really care if it's contemporary or not.

Anna: You live in Nuremberg. What is your favourite place in the city?
Christina: Currently I enjoy the Stadtpark very much, where I spend lots of time with my son.

Anna: You received a scholarship and currently spend your time in New York City. What is next on your agenda?
Christina: I am here for the first time and of course, I need to see everything. It's an extremely exciting place and I am happy to have several months time to experience NYC and the USA. I am also planning to travel to L.A and San Francisco.

Christina Chirulescu is represented by Tanja Pol Galerie, Munich.

CHRISTINA CHIRULESCU o.T, Öl,Acryl,Sprühlack auf Lw, 70x57, 2013 CHRISTINA CHIRULESCU o.T, Öl, Tusche auf Lw, 30x20cm, 2013 CHRISTINA CHIRULESCU o.T, Öl auf Lw, 50x35cm, 2013 CHRISTINA CHIRULESCU o.T, Öl, Acryl auf Lw, 40x30cm, 2013
all images: works by Christina Chirulescu, courtesy Christina Chirulescu and Tanja Pol Galerie, München.