8 October 2011


Foyer - Josef Wolf - ohne Titel Raum 21 - Bernhard Leitner - RaumReflektion 1994 0031 Kounellis Tragedia civile dup Ausstellung 10 Raum 17 Becker 2010 1010 KO11_004 Raum 11 - Attila Kovács -  Synthese10-Kreis
from top: Josef Wolf 'untitled'; Bernhard Leitner 'Raum Reflektion'; Jannis Kounellis 'Tragedia civile'; Krimhild Becker 'untitled'; Attila Kovacs 'Synthese 10' 

"Thinking" - the title of the current 1-year show at Kolumba in Cologne explores contemplative occupations and its symbols via contemporary and old Christian art. How does that work? There is a focus on artists' books, on drawings and specifically on paintings and sculptures depicting Madonna with the Child. In a great example (room 21) a medieval devotional image is juxtaposed to a contemporary sound installation - an amazing experience. In comparison, a rather sad example is shown in room 6, where geometrical paintings by Rune Mields from the 1980s are positioned opposed to a 17th Century Christian calendar.

Kolumba is always torn between dynamic contemporary art and the maintenance of the old and religious. Founded as a Christian art space in 1853, Cologne's Cardinal Meisner (a strictly conservative believer) supported a complete renewal of the building's architecture and its concept in the 1990's. Since two years now, Stefan Kraus is the new museum's director carrying the weight of always creating a balance between art, Catholicism and original Roman ruins. 

15th of September 2011 - 31st of August 2012

Kolumbastrasse 4
50667 Cologne
Open daily from 12-5pm, Thursdays until 7pm
Free under 18 years, 5 Euro normal, 3 Euro reduced

Raum 13 - Dieter Krieg – In der Leere ist ist nichts Raum 5 - Thomas Lehnerer -  denken
from top: John Cage ' River, Rocks and Smoke 4/10/90 #20'; Dieter Krieg 'In der Leere ist ist nichts';  Thomas Lehnerer 'denken'