13 June 2012


JC2012 - Installation 02 - A Painted Sun as a Yellow SpotJC2012 - Relief Construction, Citroen Picasso car windows, windscreen wiper blades, exhaust parts and an exploded metal replica of Picasso’s signature - 90 x 220 cm JC2012 - One Black Curve…Then Another, Interior door trim, heat shrink, windscreen wiper blade, paint, bungee cord, metal, hand stained wood panelling, washers, 240 x 265 x 12 cm JC2012 - Installation 04 - A Painted Sun as a Yellow Spot  JC2012 - Installation 01 - A Painted Sun as a Yellow Spot
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James Clarkson - A Painted Sun as a Yellow Spot, Courtesy Rod Barton Gallery  

In his response to art history and the glory of art-superstars, James Clarkson, a Sheffield-based, 1987 born artist, transformed an old Citroen Picasso into a room-filling installation at Rod Barton Gallery. What a great idea, since Rod's gallery somewhat reminds of pimped garage. Clarkson's work for this exhibition has been inspired by Henri-Georges Clouzot's 1954 film Le Mystère Picasso, where Picasso paints on a transparent canvas.

James Clarkson - A Painted Sun as a Yellow Spot
10th May - 16th June, 2012

Rod Barton Gallery

One Paget Street,
London EC1V 7PA
Opening Hours: Thursday - Saturday, 12 - 18h