13 June 2012


JC2012 - Installation 02 - A Painted Sun as a Yellow SpotJC2012 - Relief Construction, Citroen Picasso car windows, windscreen wiper blades, exhaust parts and an exploded metal replica of Picasso’s signature - 90 x 220 cm JC2012 - One Black Curve…Then Another, Interior door trim, heat shrink, windscreen wiper blade, paint, bungee cord, metal, hand stained wood panelling, washers, 240 x 265 x 12 cm JC2012 - Installation 04 - A Painted Sun as a Yellow Spot  JC2012 - Installation 01 - A Painted Sun as a Yellow Spot
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James Clarkson - A Painted Sun as a Yellow Spot, Courtesy Rod Barton Gallery  

If you would find an old Citroen Picasso, what would you do with it? Above, you can look at one way. In his response to art history and the glory of art-superstars, James Clarkson, a Sheffield-based, 1987 born artist, transformed the car into a site-specific and room-filling installation at Rod Barton Gallery. What a great idea, since Rod's gallery somewhat reminds of pimped garage. Clarkson's work for this exhibition has been inspired by Henri-Georges Clouzot's 1954 film Le Mystère Picasso, where Picasso paints on a transparent canvas. The film and the Picasso's works merge into a non-linear exhibition; melt into Clarkson's style; inventing a rebirth of history without forgetting to speak a contemporary language.
The show is running until the 16th of June.

James Clarkson - A Painted Sun as a Yellow Spot
10th May - 16th June, 2012

Rod Barton Gallery

One Paget Street,
London EC1V 7PA
Opening Hours: Thursday - Saturday, 12 - 18h

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