10 October 2012


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from the top: photography by Christina Lechner, text by Florian Sprenger, photography by Klaus Wefringhaus, poem by Jean-Luc Nancy and translation by Almut Pape, installation by Sarawut Chutiwongpeti and photography by Sarah Jones, images by artfridge, courtesy Brinkmagazin, the artists and authors

A jump is always a balancing act. In the case of the student-run brink magazin, it is a balance act between art and research. Theory and practice shall walk hand in hand, interdisciplinary and frank. In their second issue, which was released this year in June, the editors and artists concerned themselves with the phenomenon of the jump - the in-between, the before and the yet-to-come. It is treated quite delicately, such as if a jump was holy moment, a sort of sparkle in a never ending monotony.
Jonas Leonhard Tinuis, who wrote the introduction essay, skillfully ventures a dangerous path that leads him from poetry to science - to questions on anthropology and theatre, and eventually, on the freedom of writing an essay, the jumps that one may and should dare, including all the bridges, the metaphors. Another striking contribution is Florian Sprenger's interpretation of Christina Lechner's photography, understanding her dynamic jumping pictures as an attempt to grab hold on the ephemeral and pending interval.
The single-topic brink magazin provides 24 chapters on 74 pages, including many art works that elevate the texts' and interviews' interpretation on a much more visual level, putting it into new perspectives. The magazine's design is beautiful, in times a bit of an overkill of limitless design-freedom, which is, however, recompensed with a reasonable interaction of text, illustration and image. brink's second issue ultimately comments on its own concept: it discusses the balancing act of a jump, away from the ordinary  text - art - separation, into a curated, printed exhibition.
We already look forward to read the next issue!

frequency: two issues a year
editor-in-chief: Milena Cairo

7 Euros / 16 Euros for a limited edition including a screenprint by Thomas Kühnen und Philipp Blombach and a printed bag

Brink magazine can purchased in selected book- and magazine shops around Germany, including the Berlin-based stores: do you read me?!, Modern Graphics, Walther König and Pro qm

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from the top: collage by Meinolf Wewel, illustration by Victoria Kure-Wu and text by Sandra Kornmeier and Milena Cairo, cover brink magazin and limited edition screenprint by Thomas Kühnen und Philipp Blombach, images by artfridge, courtesy Brinkmagazin, the artists and authors