17 February 2013


Met the 86-year old video artist Kenneth Anger today at Kunstmuseum Bonn. Such a delight! Kenneth anger
Both images © artfridge.de

After taking a walk through the Videonale 14 at Kunstmuseum Bonn, I went to the auditorium where the American video artist and 86-year old avant-garde pioneer talked to film critic Daniel Kothenschulte and presented his newest works "Aircraft 1-3". 
Having a thing of the evil, satanism and bad boys in general, Kenneth Anger revolutionised film-art, when his black-and-white homoerotic horror-porn "Fireworks" premiered in California in 1947. Among Anger's most famous video works are "Lucifer Rising", "Scorpio Rising" or "Invocation of my Demon Brother" and he is the author of the famous gossip book Hollywood Babylon. 

Kenneth Anger's show 'Icons' is currently on display at Galerie Sprüth Magers in Berlin. (Until the 23.02)