11 September 2012


RL2012 Life After Wallstreet (FT How To Spend It series), 2012 Mesh fabric, felt, eyelets, magazine page, mdf 54 x 48 cm RL2012 Gold Crease, reflective fabric, spray paint on stretcher, artist frame 62 x 82 cm RL2012 New Order, 2012, Spraypaint on mesh fabric, metal beaded chain, clingfilm, various rivets on stretcher, 62 x 44 cm RL2012 Untitled (Entrepreneurs - FT Weekend series), 2012, screenprint on mirrored perspex, newspaper (dimensions variable) AngleRL2012 Silver Grid, heat transfer foil on synthetic mesh, cling film on stretcher, newspaper, mdf, artist frame 55 x 75 cm
From the top: Works by Roman Liska: "Life After Wallstreet (FT How To Spend It series)", "Gold Crease", "New Order", "Untitled (Entrepreneurs - FT Weekend series)", "Silver Grid"; all works from 2012, courtesy the artist and Rod Barton Gallery, London

Roman Liška (*1980, Germany) spends a lot of his time looking at Financial Times' Weekend Issue, investigating in wealth creation, luxury, investment. His work is contemporary - some, such as Christopher Kulendran Thomas, might even use the term "beyond contemporary". Material and media is redefined - the language of painting re-thought, approached with a mature effortlessness.  
Liška is still enrolled at the Royal College. His works can be seen in his upcoming show 'Nu Balance' at Rod Barton Gallery in London, which starts on Thursday the 13th of September and ends the 20th of October.

Rod Barton Gallery 
One Paget Street
London, EC1V 7PA

RL2012 Risquée business (FT Weekend series), 2012 Mesh fabric, spray paint, eyelets, news paper page, mdf, artist frame 63 x 44 cm RL2012 Omega, Synthetic mesh fabric, synthetic gauze, digital print on silk on stretcher, various eyelets, xerox copy, mdf, artist frame 100 x 130 cm
"Risquée business (FT Weekend series)", "Omega"; all works from 2012, courtesy the artist and Rod Barton Gallery, London
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